Final Fantasy XIII-2 pre-order bonuses announced

As the January launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 slowly draws nearer, developer and publisher Square Enix has announced the virtual and physical goodies you'll be given for pre-ordering the RPG sequel-sequel, including a book and bonus boss battle.

Pre-ordering from Amazon will net you an exclusive colosseum battle against recurring Final Fantasy enemy Omega, who will join your party once he's been smashed.

As if the game's name were not already complicated enough, Best Buy is offering a hardcover novella named "Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-" which will bridge the gap between Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.

The pre-order bonus at GameStop, meanwhile, is an alternate in-game costume for main character Serah.

The Omega battle and alternate costume will be released separately as downloadable content later in Japan, where they're also pre-order incentives, according to Siliconera. Shacknews has contacted Squeenix to see if that will be the case in North America as well.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 31, 2012.