Warhammer Online lead designer founds new social games studio

Mark Jacobs, who co-founded Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment, announced the foundation of his new studio. Jacobs will be the creative director duties at City State Entertainment. He is joined by co-founder Andrew Meggs, a veteran of Bethesda Games Studios, Mythic Entertainment, and Troika Games, who will serve as the technical director. The rest of the team is made of up of similarly skilled veterans, but it doesn’t appear they’ll be making PC games. The press release says that the studio is developing for the mobile, tablet, and social networking space.

"To me it feels like it’s 1995 when I co-founded Mythic," says Jacobs. "I’m incredibly fortunate to find myself surrounded by a team of talented and hungry developers. Once we launch our first game, I’m hoping to be able to finally feed them." The studio plans to release its first game in Q4, and though just now announcing its formation, has been quietly at work putting things together since this past March.