Weekend Confirmed 80 - Battlefield 3 beta, Gears of War 3, Resistance 3

By Garnett Lee, Sep 30, 2011 11:05am PDT

We didn’t need the official beginning of fall to know the season had arrived. Games that promise to challenge for Game of the Year honors are hitting over the next several weeks and Weekend Confirmed will be digging into them in earnest. Garnett returns from his expedition to Japan just in time to catch up with the Gears of War 3 discussion to get things started. A nasty bout of the flu knocked Xav out this week but Jeff holds things down with our special guest James Stevenson of Insomniac Games. Naturally, there’s some Resistance 3 talk, but much more as well including the Battlefield 3 beta, Burnout Crash, and yes, Jeff braves the waters to talk some about Kirby. With the trifecta of EA Sports games out we also look at how the annual cycle could be improved. And of course we’ve got all the latest gaming news as well. We tweaked the format a little for this eightieth show, so please, let us know what you think in the official Shacknews.com comments.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 80: 09/30/2011

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  • I just listened to the discussion about Battlefield 3, and wanted to comment on something Garnet stated. To paraphrase Garnet, he said that if you have a good PC, then of course you'll get the PC version over a console one. I disagree, and let me try to explain why I'm leaning towards buying a copy for the xbox360 over the PC:

    1) Hackers. I owned both copies of MW2 (PC and Xbox). The cheating, aim bots, and map hacks on the PC are rampant. Valve and Steam are always behind the curve. While the consoles had their glitching problems (infinite care packages), these were quickly patched and pale in comparison to the cheats on the PC.

    2) Controls. This may seem crazy, but there are some advantages of using a controller over a keyboard/mouse. I like having the analog control of the thumb sticks. This means I can crawl really slow and go around a corner really slow. On the PC: the keyboard is only "on" or "off". Thus trying the "slice the pie" of an open door, or peak over the crest of the hill is much more difficult on PC. Now, given: aiming using the mouse is much, much more precise, but this brings me to my next point:

    3) Sniping. I've played the Beta for both the PC and Xbox360. There are SO many more snipers on PC. Why? Because it's so much easier to snipe with a mouse than the controller. This turns BF3 into sniping stand-offs, where 1/2 of both teams are sniping back and forth. Now maybe some people like that, but I find it boring and enjoy having a few good snipers, but the majority of players advancing or defending the tactical positions. I guess this is personal preference, but on the PC, when I just peak my head around the corner (or over a hill/fence/bush), it's 75% of the time it's instant death. On the console, I know I have chance to spot a sniper and get back to cover or lay-down suppressive fire. I think that is MUCH more enjoyable.

    4) Friends. Let's face it. In order to get BF3 to look BETTER than the xbox, you'll need to spend 800 to 1000 dollars on a new PC. Most of my friends don't have that scratch (or their wives won't let them spend it on a new PC just to play a new game). Therefore if I want to play with friends, I need the xbox version.

    5) Vehicle controls. Have you ever tried to fly a plane using a keyboard and mouse? It's impossible. However, very do-able with a console controller. Since BF is so vehicle centric, this is another reason to get the console version. Sure, you can get a joystick for the PC, but that's another 30-40 bucks to spend.

    6) Drivers. After spending 45 minutes updated my video card and audio card drivers, just so that the Beta works properly on my PC, I was reminded why so often I get frustrated at PC gaming.

    Sure, the PC version looks better on a high-end PC, but looks aren't everything. I'll totally understand why some may prefer the PC over console: mouse and keyboard is preferred to some. Also the graphics look amazing on the PC. However I get why console gaming is also preferred by some, and why I'll likely buy the xbox version instead of the PC.

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    • Just for the sake of argument (not trying to be a Master Race dick here) I'll go ahead and tackle this.

      1) Activision removed dedicated servers from MW2 PC specifically to fight hackers, and it didn't work. In COD4 and Black Ops, which have dedicated servers, I've hardly if ever seen hackers at all. That's because I was able to find servers that with administrators that personally monitor them all the time. The result was actually a very friendly experience without cheaters or even screaming 12-year-olds.

      2) Just gonna shake my head at this one.

      3) I've only played the BF3 beta briefly on PC so I can't really comment on this one.

      4) I can understand if more of your friends are playing on 360, but know that BF has always been primarily a PC franchise, and I have a feeling that people will still be playing it on PC years after Xbox players have moved onto the next big shooter.

      5) I'd talk to the people who've been using vehicles on the PC versions of BF games since 2002 on that one. Many of them will talk to you about how vehicle controls were so much more deep and realistic in BF 1942 because they weren't limited by the lack of buttons on a controller.

      Overall, I can definitely understand why people would want to just buy this game and play it on a machine where they know it'll just work. That's why they made console versions of BF3. I still however see it, and most shooters really, as a game that was originally made for PC and still feels most natural on that platform.