Weekend Confirmed 80 - Battlefield 3 beta, Gears of War 3, Resistance 3

By Garnett Lee, Sep 30, 2011 11:05am PDT

We didn’t need the official beginning of fall to know the season had arrived. Games that promise to challenge for Game of the Year honors are hitting over the next several weeks and Weekend Confirmed will be digging into them in earnest. Garnett returns from his expedition to Japan just in time to catch up with the Gears of War 3 discussion to get things started. A nasty bout of the flu knocked Xav out this week but Jeff holds things down with our special guest James Stevenson of Insomniac Games. Naturally, there’s some Resistance 3 talk, but much more as well including the Battlefield 3 beta, Burnout Crash, and yes, Jeff braves the waters to talk some about Kirby. With the trifecta of EA Sports games out we also look at how the annual cycle could be improved. And of course we’ve got all the latest gaming news as well. We tweaked the format a little for this eightieth show, so please, let us know what you think in the official Shacknews.com comments.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 80: 09/30/2011

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  • Wow, this episode sounded like Garnet was a spokesman for BF3, lol. It almost felt as though we were playing different games tbh. And to be fair, maybe we were since i've been playing on console and he on PC, though the only difference i've notice on the PC version is the pacing. I felt the pacing was much slow on PC than on console.

    I posted my complaints on a separate forum, but first let me tackle Battlelog. That thing is crap. Are we serious? It's completely useless and unnecessary. EVERYTHING in Battlelog needs to be in the game - from stat tracking, to fricken server list. What the hell are server lists doing on a website? Its another layer that i don't need. The thing about elite is that ALL that is on the game and managed ON THE GAME. I have the option to check out stuff on other devices or programs like the internet or my phone or whatever, but i never have to leave my experience to check my info. Also, for console gamers, what the hell is the point of Platoons? They do nothing. At least elite or Killzone2 has groups and clans that can be managed and accessed through the game. It's almost like you just listen to someone pitch the service to you with out even using it.

    As for my complaints about the game (i hope that's not too long for the average poster here to read):

    I think everything around shooting is pretty much broken. The shooting feel spot on, the recoil is nice for this game. The only thing about shooting i don't like is the damage. I'm starting to feel that this game doesn't need Cod like damage. Its very frustrating on such a big map where all the guns available are lethal at just about any range. I'm getting sniped more efficiently with a M14, than i can snipe them with a SV98. Why? No/less bullet drop. On a sniper, i have to aim slightly above there head at distance, with an assault or whatever, i just put the reticule on them and i hit...bullsh*t.

    Also, i can't react to anything. Such an open map and bullets are flying everywhere, i feel like i should have more time to react to things, but 3 quick shots (sometimes just 1 for some reason :?) from whatever gun, at whatever distance, and i'm down.

    I think mid range combat is fun, i do enjoy that. Long range is broken because of damage and range of the guns, CQC is still broken from BC2 for the same problems.

    And what a terrible map. I blows my mind that they're not showing off Caspian Border...Why give us this crappy MoH knock off map when you have a much more bad ass map ready and waiting?

    Another complaint, is destruction. Wow they really killed it. That was one thing i really like in BC2. In Metro, at least, it seems they've given us less destruction, and pretty much made everything superficial (People just start taking out the predetermined breakable walls because they're obviously there for a strategic purpose). In BC2, if felt like you could pave your own way through the map. A few restriction on what you could and what you couldn't destroy, but that was fine. This time, they just made it look about 10times more fancy, but removed the things that made it unique...at least in Metro.

    And those console menus! WHY CAN'T I PAUSE THE GAME WHEN I WANT TO -

    "Oh, wanna edit a few things in the pause menu really quick? Well, to bad, you died so you have to wait 15 secs before you can do anything."

    "Oh, you're team just lose because you're were playing with idiots and you want to leave? Nope, you gotta wait a about 1 minute 30 seconds before you can do anything of the sort."

    - Ugh. They continue to have the worst menus in existence. From changing you're guns to changing your sensitivity, it is just the worst experience possible. I can not express in words how much i hate that menu system.

    ....there are so many problems, i feel i could go on forever. (...)Oh and boy, i think they need to stress that all those gameplay shots were from PC because the PS3 version, which apparently is the best looking console version, looks a lot like BC2 with a few more lighting effects >.>

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