PS3 piracy largely solved, says Capcom

Piracy has become a headache for PC and console developers alike, but Sony's own action to combat PlayStation 3 piracy has been largely effective according to Capcom US vice president Christian Svensson. The PS3 jailbreak could have opened the floodgates for piracy on Sony's platform, but Svensson says their action paid off with the lowest rate of piracy on any platform.

"Piracy exists on almost every console to varying degrees," he told Eurogamer. "The only one I would say is fairly inconsequential to our business, as much as we can tell, is PlayStation 3. Obviously the PlayStation 3 was opened up [jailbroken], and through a variety of systems, Sony has managed to largely put that genie back in the bottle, to the point where the scene is nowhere near as large as it is on other platforms."

That's at least some good news for Sony, after its suit against PlayStation 3 jailbreakers raised the ire of hacker groups. They retaliated with denial of service attacks for days, before halting and apologizing to inconvenienced users. The suit may have also been an inciting factor in the PlayStation Network hack that took PSN offline for a month in spring. After all that, there had to be some payoff.