Zelda: Skyward Sword features interface options

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword isn't shaking up the tried-and-true Zelda formula too dramatically. But, Nintendo is making baby-steps with introducing new ideas to the franchise, and getting the obtrusive Wii remote HUD off the screen seems like one we'll appreciate. Skyward Sword will actually feature three interface options to suit the varieties of players.


IGN reports on the selections. "Standard" shows a full Wii remote on screen at all times with contextual button information. "Light" removes the Wii remote, but keeps the button commands visible. "Pro" displays vital information like health, shield, rupees, and stamina, but otherwise removes the button display entirely. Presumably, you should just remember which button you mapped your boomerang to.

It may not be the next big leap for gaming, but Nintendo is generally reticent to change for its long-running series. Between this and the item upgrade system, the company is making some moves that are a little more daring by Nintendo standards. And at least this means you can explore dungeons without a Wii remote staring you in the face.

The game is due on November 20.