Why Beyond Good & Evil 2 is missing this generation

We haven't seen hide nor hair of Beyond Good & Evil 2 since its announcement in 2008, but with every cancellation scare Ubisoft keeps assuring us it's still alive. Fans might still be hoping to play it sometime in this generation, but Ubisoft has moved away from that goal and is now talking about ambitious plans for future consoles. A new interview sheds some light on exactly what the company wants out of the sequel.

"We've been working on it for a long time, but we've had some technical issues," Ubisoft's Michel Ancel told GamesRadar. "The first Beyond Good & Evil, when I sent the technical document to Sony, it was the time of the Emotion Engine on the PlayStation 2. We had the feeling that we could do whatever we wanted. We sent them the document, it was about planets, going from planet to planet, towns to towns and all these things. But in the end, what we were really about to do was far less than what we wanted."

Ancel says it was "frustrating" not being able to planet-hop in the first game, and they want its sequel to have that scope. "And my thing is that we really want to make the game that was previously imagined, with all this feeling of traveling," he said. "Mass Effect did a good job on that side, and I think that there are a lot of things to do to continue in that direction, with storytelling and a massive world."

When asked point-blank if that's why it will miss this generation, Ancel answered, "Yeah, yeah. That’s the reason."

While citing Mass Effect seems like we could see the game this generation, we're not sure exactly how much scope Ancel has in mind, or how far BG&E2 is in development. We still haven't really seen the game itself, and we're probably coming to the end of the current console generation, so ever-patient Jade fans will have to wait at least a little longer.