Zombie Driver HD coming to PS3, Xbox 360

The indie PC game Zombie Driver is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with improved visuals, dubbed Zombie Driver HD. The revamp is getting a number of improvements over its PC counterpart, to make smashing zombies with your car easier than ever.

The official announcement details the features being added for this release of the driving action game. The campaign has added boss fights, demolition missions, and new enemies, and special vehicles. These additions are said to double the campaign's length. Plus, developer EXOR Studios has tweaked the camera, added a recharging boost, and included a mini-map.

The game also includes a number of additional modes aside from the campaign. Slaughter pits you against waves of zombies in special arenas. Blood Race mode has 30 different race events, consisting of two game types. Eliminator challenges you to rack up opponent kills while you race, and Endurance straps a bomb on you to serve as a time limit.

No release date or price is set, but the original game costs $9.99 on Steam. Check out the announcement trailer below.

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