Battlefield 3 beta open to all today

If you're burning with jealousy over your friends' early Battlefield 3 beta access, you can quell the green-eyed monster today. The Battlefield beta is going live on all platforms, and the hefty download could be waiting to pick up on your storefront of choice right now.

At this point, we assume there's only a cloud of gamer-shaped smoke in the chair where you used to be, but at the off-chance that you're still here, we'll share some details.


The Battlefield Blog carries instructions for each platform. It appears in the "Free Games" section of the Origin storefront, the "Demos" section of the Xbox Live Marketplace, and under the alphabetical listing on the PlayStation Store.

The team also shares a few helpful tips, like where shotguns are most useful (in the tunnels) and using bipods to improve your accuracy. Following these tips may very well double your time between deaths, giving you a solid 6 seconds of continuous play before you are capped in the head by someone much better than you. At least, that's what will probably happen to me.

This open beta only features the Rush mode on the Metro map, and is available until October 10. Check out some impressions while you wait for the download to finish.