Video Unlimited Preview app coming to PS3 today

Sony is offering a new way of browsing its video offerings on the PlayStation Network today. The Video Unlimited Preview app lets you find all the movies and TV shows available on the PlayStation Store in an "easier and more fun" way. The downloadable app offers a more visual way of browsing through the video selection, with an enhanced category feature that makes it easy to find similar content across the store.

The app will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers first, and will then roll out to all PS3s in the coming weeks. "We promise this is going to be a great user experience that will change the way you enjoy video content on your PS3," Sony's Mike Aragon said on the PlayStation.Blog.

The video preview shows that this is a remarkable improvement over the current PlayStation Store, but we can't help but wonder: why not just roll this into the current store design? Also, while the ability to see related movies is nice, Vudu (also available on PS3) goes much deeper, allowing you to access Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes to find similar movies.

Still, it should be worth booting up, if only to enter the Video Unlimited contest. By downloading the app, you'll be eligible to win a Sony XBR-HX729 Smart TV. Downloading the app will give you more info via an XMB message.