Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 gets PS3 3D patch today

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 hits stores today. But PS3 owners will find that there's a hefty day-one patch waiting for them. Before fretting, however, note that it does add quite a bit of functionality that--for one reason or another--couldn't be squeezed onto the disc when it went gold.

Perhaps the most significant addition offered by the patch is support for 3DTVs. In addition, the update adds a beta version of "myPES," an online social network of sorts for the soccer franchise.

The beta will allow users to create an account and exchange data with Facebook to "share results and post them to other users." Eventually, Konami plans on rolling out the full service, which will "incorporate various statistic, achievements as well as the ability to create private and public game groups."

The full myPES service will go live in October, along with patches for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game.