Modern Warfare 3 perks, streaks, and achievements details

With its November 8 release date drawing ever closer, Modern Warfare 3 info continues to appear all over the Net. Pretty much every little detailed element of the game has gotten out including lists of the weapons, perks, weapon proficiencies, strike chains, and deathstreaks. For those planning to play on Xbox 360, there’s also the full list of achievements needed to bank the full 1000 gamer points. Putting all that info together provides plenty of temptation but read on at the risk of potential spoilers.

Over on the official Modern Warfare 3 forums, poster 'matuzz' created a thread pulling all this info together in one place. There’s the tier one, two, and three perk lists, in both normal and upgraded pro form. Nothing too unexpected there but the list does confirm Robert Bowling’s tweet that there would not be Last Stand or any second chance type perks in the game. The post also lays out the new assault and support strike packages that take the place of the old killstreaks. These too remain mostly the same with familiar options such as airstrikes, the ability to take the gunner’s seat on an AC130, recon drones, and the like.

Finally, there’s a complete listing of the achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 3. In the interest of not spoiling any of the plot to the game, I’ll refrain from posting the full list here. As before, completing pairs of story missions on Veteran difficulty will net 25 points each and of course the single biggest achievement, worth 100 points, comes from completing the campaign on Hardened or Veteran. Of the rest, a number of 20 point achievements involve various kill conditions. For those whose curiosity overwhelms any concerns about spoilers, has a nice sortable version of the list.