Batman: Arkham City goes gold

Batman: Arkham City has "gone gold," according to developer Rocksteady. That means development has finally completed and the game is now being printed and packaged, to be shipped for its big October 18th release.

"I'm really proud of the work the team has done," Rocksteady community manger Sefton Hill said.

"Now the team are focused on finishing off some really cool DLC," Hill confirmed on the game's official boards> (via IGN). "But the main news is... Batman is back!"

So far, the only DLC confirmed for Arkham City is the Robin challenge pack, which will be included for free with pre-orders from Best Buy. In addition, we've spotted news of a Catwoman expansion, which includes four episodes. Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy also confirmed that additional episodes featuring the caped crusader would be available post-launch.