EA answers Battlefield 3 beta FAQs

The Battlefield 3 beta begins in just one week. But, some fans are confused on how exactly to get in the beta. For example, eligible PS3 players will have the beta "automatically appear" in the PlayStation Store come September 29th. Xbox 360 and PC players, however, will have to wait for an email with a "personal early access code" and follow the instructions in the e-mail to redeem the code.

In addition, Steam users that purchased the Medal of Honor: Limited Edition can also get in the beta--provided they're willing to download Origin.

"If you purchased Medal of Honor through Steam prior to July 26th, 2011 cut-off, you are eligible for early access to the Battlefield 3 Open Beta," EA's official FAQ notes. "To view your key, go to Medal of Honor in your Steam library, and click the "cd key" link. Find the "Battlefield 3 Open Beta early access" key." The key will then be input into Origin.

PC players may notice that there is are servers up for a second map during the beta period. However, EA notes that it is inaccessible, meant for "internal back-end tests" only.

The beta will launch simultaneously across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and will run until October 10th. There's no level cap in place, but don't get too eager. Players won't be able to keep XP earned during the test, but "you will keep your soldier name, though."