Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins rated for PSN by ESRB

Chrono Cross, the gorgeous looking and sounding role-playing title from the PSone era, is coming to the PlayStation Network, according to the ESRB.

The ratings board recently re-rated the 2000 title for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, along with the compilation release Final Fantasy Origins.

While Chrono Cross is already available on the Japanese PlayStation Network, a North American release has yet to be confirmed. The ESRB similarly revealed Chrono Trigger, the first game in the famed series, would launch on Wii's Virtual Console. It was later confirmed the game was set for the PS3 and PSP as well.

Final Fantasy Origins originally released on the PSone in 2003. The game bundles enhanced versions of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Both listings, which were spotted by Siliconera, have Sony Computer Entertainment America listed as the publisher. At the time of its original publishing, Square Enix still held the moniker Squaresoft, and enjoyed a generation of role-playing game dominance.