Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets Gun Game mode 'Arsenal'

Valve's working with the folks behind popular Counter-Strike mod Gun Game to officially add a similar mode to the downloadable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it announced today. On top of that, we have new screenshots for you to gawp at. "We are excited that Valve reached out and is working with us to ensure Arsenal Mode is the best version of Gun Game," the mod's project lead Michael Barr said in today's announcement. The original Gun Game mod starts players with a pistol and rewards them with a new weapon every time they get a frag, going through all the sidearms, then moving onto the shotguns, assaults rifles, and whatnot until only the greatest weapon remains: the knife. In the original, whoever gets through all the guns and stabs a sucker wins the round. If this all sounds familiar but you haven't played CS, Gun Game modes also appear in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3, and have been modded into heaps more games. Valve's stab at Gun Game in CS:GO is the 'Arsenal' game type, with eight new maps of its own and the two modes Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition. Valve hasn't explained quite what these are yet, but one imagines Demolition is CS's standard DE mode with Gun Game levelling, while Arms Race may well be the popular Gun Game team deathmatch. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is slated to launch in early 2012 for download on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PS3 edition will support cross-platform play with PC and Mac, as well as keyboard and mouse controls.

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