Batman: Arkham City skins DLC are timed exclusives

There's no shortage of skins being made for Batman: Arkham City. The problem is, for collectors like myself, is that it is seemingly impossible to get your hands on all the available DLC. The "Sinestro Corp" skin, for example, will require purchasing The Green Lantern on Blu-ray. Getting the Animated Series skin will require pre-ordering at GameStop with a PowerUp Rewards membership.

Some skins, like the Batman Beyond and Earth One skin, require traveling to Europe, as an American release hasn't been announced.

Thankfully, you won't have to buy airfare just yet. According to a Rocksteady representative, the plan is to make all these skins a timed exclusive. "The skins that are divvied out at the moment across various retailers and territories... the wording for all of those is if you pre-order here or here, you're getting early access," he told us at a recent press event. "We still have more details to come, but the intention is that, for example, if you're red hot on Robin, you pre-order it at Best Buy, you're gonna get early access to it."

Warner Bros. previously confirmed to Shacknews that the Best Buy "exclusive" Robin pre-order pack would later be available as DLC for all. It makes sense that these costumes will have a wider release later on... but how much will these skins cost avid fans?

Image credit: ArkhamCity.co.uk