Unreal Development Kit adds Mac support

Epic's free version of Unreal Engine 3, the Unreal Development Kit, can now happily make games for Apple's shiny aluminium boxes, as Mac support has been added with the September build. Get downloading that here at Shacknews.

This will also herald the arrival of native Mac support in the commercial version of Unreal Engine 3, which should greatly simplify the process of making Mac editions of games, and hopefully make them more common.

Previously, developers and publishers would usually call in a third-party porting company to bring a title over. One such externally-ported UE3 game, Batman: Arkham Asylum is coming to Mac in October--over two years after the Windows edition was released.

The UDK added support for Apple's iOS devices last year, but Mac OS X computerators were left out in the cold. Head on over to Epic's Mac Platform page for more information on making Mac games with the UDK.

The UDK is entirely free for non-commercial and educational use, and Epic only starts charging royalties once a game passes the $50,000 revenue threshold. The swanky tech and attractive terms have attracted a number of indie developers, with the UDK being used for games including Sanctum, Dungeon Defenders, The Ball, and mech combat FPS Hawken. Say, perhaps some of those will create Mac versions now!