Call of Duty Elite PS3 beta begins

The Call of Duty Elite beta is rolling out to PlayStation 3 owners now, with more invites going out over the next few weeks as well. (The Xbox 360 has enjoyed its own beta since July.) As previously reported, Activision has no plans to offer a PC beta for Elite.


Word came from an official tweet (via One of Swords), but some PS3 owners are reportedly already claiming they've gotten in. In a rant, Activision's Dan Amrich calls out the "sense of entitlement" from gamers annoyed by the wait time between the 360 and PS3 beta launch, arguing that accusations of favoritism and bias are inaccurate.

"Volunteering to help means you are on their schedule for when that help is needed, and their schedule is, by necessity, flexible," he wrote. "This is not something that can or should be rushed; it’s too big to mess up by moving too quickly. One platform to start is plenty of work; they need to get that squared away first.

"Also... it's worth mentioning that being in the beta involves work. Your feedback, in the form of surveys and emails and bug reports, is the most crucial part of this thing. It's awesome if you like what you see, but if you’re not ready to deliver detailed, constructive feedback, you really should not have volunteered to do exactly that."

When Elite hits this year, it will cost 50 smackers annually, but buyers of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition will get a year for free. It includes all the planned DLC, clan progression, and analysis from the "pros."