Dead Nation 'Road of Devastation' DLC dated, priced

Dead Nation has enjoyed sustained popularity, no doubt in part because it was given as a PlayStation Network Welcome Back reward. For those of you itching for more zombies to slay, the Road of Devastation downloadable content pack is incoming, and now developer Housemarque has announced a release date and price.

You can grab the pack on September 27, for $3.99.


Aside from the date and price, the PlayStation Blog also shares more details on what to expect from the pack. You'll have more environmental weapons like electrified fences and heavy-duty industrial saws, and the blog a brief teases an automated targeting system weapon you can carry with you.

Plants are now zombie-fied as well, and undead mix with the plant life to make new mobile enemies. Plus, a new Big Mouth boss zombie will be harder to beat than the original Mouth, and all zombies will get progressively more aggressive. The scoring system has also been tweaked to offer more rewards for multi-kills.

Developer Housemarque has a history of supporting its downloadable titles long after launch, like adding Impact Mode years into the life of Super Stardust HD. Dead Nation has only been out for a year, but its sizable audience and country competition meta-game might keep Housemarque busy with it for quite a while.