Katamari Damacy coming to PlayStation Vita

Namco Bandai announced today that a new Katamari Damacy title is coming to the PlayStation Vita, and it will use the touch screen and rear touch pad to roll up your balls of random stuff.

You can expect to play as the Prince once again, tasked by the King of All Cosmos to gather up junk, from tiny objects like ants to significantly larger ones like Mount Fuji. The entire mountain. Yeah, it's that kind of crazy.

Thanks to the touch features on the Vita, you can roll your katamari side-to-side now, which means gathering up balls of stuff won't feel like you're parallel parking. Details on the game are slim, and Namco didn't provide a release window, but the colorful game seems like a natural fit for the Vita's OLED screen. Check out the trailer below.

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