Dragon Age 2 'Mark of the Assassin' DLC revealed

After some backlash to Dragon Age 2, BioWare swore to make things right with downloadable content. Now the company has revealed the next piece of DLC, "Mark of the Assassin," with a cinematic trailer. It's rather bloody, and it's due October 11.

The trailer reveals an attempt to steal a precious and well-protected jewel, which is apparently (spoilers) a trap. It resides in a fortress said to be impregnable -- but it must be at least somewhat pregnable, or there would be no game. This is all the bright idea of the new character Tallis, an elven assassin.

If that name sounds familiar, it's because Tallis was featured in a six-episode web series called Dragon Age Redemption, written by and starring Felicia Day. Day lends her voice and semi-likeness to this DLC as well. We don't see any gameplay in this trailer, but BioWare does have a way with well-choreographed cinematic sequences, so that might hold you over for a while. Check out the teaser below.

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