Introducing Karl from Super Monday Night Combat

Developer Uber Entertainment surprised all when they revealed their second project, which turned out to be an new game in the Monday Night Combat series. The major difference this time? The series has adopted a free-to-play model. Super Monday Night Combat takes the DotA-inspired shooter out of the arena and into more organic locales, adds new characters with new abilities, and more. Today, Uber Entertainment is revealing one of the newest characters in SMNC on Shacknews: Karl, a reconnaissance cyborg who just happens to think he's human.

Karl might look like a gentleman, but he's a robotic killer.

Karl's back-story is rather intricate, according to Uber Entertainment's details on the new character being introduced in the upcoming shooter. "Karl was one of twelve special reconnaissance cyborgs built by the governing overclass in order to infiltrate Outlander society." Though his directive is to transmit valuable information to his creators, Karl was given a host of abilities in order to escape detection. "Karl was given the ability to collapse itself into human skeletal-like form and was given a biomedically engineered epidermis, synthetic blood and a room-filling orange afro," Uber Entertainment told Shacknews. Because the reconnaissance cyborgs were built by the hoity-toity upper class, they found it hard to fit in and were all discovered. All, except for Karl, who was sold at a tent sale to Monday Night Combat officials. This made Karl the "first known cyborg combatant in Monday Night Combat history." BOOM video 10275 See, intricate back-story. If that isn't enough, according to Uber, Karl's personal life is in shambles after a divorce from former model Jazelle Pivovarova, "who cited 'fraud' and 'irreconcilable anatomical differences' as reasons for the split." His likes are listed as "being human, engaging in a wide range of activities typical to humans, having a broad emotional range." Karl dislikes "robots, cyborgs, waiters that disappear before they bring you your check." In Super Monday Night Combat there are five character roles:
  • Commandos: Debuffers, closers, utility characters like the Assassin
  • Strikers: Jack-of-all-trades, high mobility characters like the Assault
  • Enforcers: High health, slow moving, high short-range damage characters like Tank, Veteran and Gunner
  • Defenders: Buffing, area holding, and healing characters like Support and Combat Girl
  • Sharp Shooters: High aim skill, burst damage characters like Sniper and Gunslinger
Karl fits into the same role as Monday Night Combat's Assault class, a Striker. Be sure to check out Shacknews tomorrow, where we'll have a sizable preview for Uber Entertainment's upcoming title. Super Monday Night Combat is expected to launch for the PC during "Winter 2011," according to Uber Entertainment.