Battlefield 3 is two discs on Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 joins the small, but slowly growing list of multi-disc games on Xbox 360. The game will be broken up into two parts: the first disc will feature the game's multiplayer, co-op levels, and "installation content." The second disc will be devoted to the single player campaign.

The fact that the multiplayer half takes top priority is unsurprising. The franchise's bread and butter has always been its competitive multiplayer gameplay.

"Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 ships on two discs with endless hours of spectacular high-definition gameplay," an EA rep told Eurogamer, we imagine while hyperventilating.

Unsurprisingly, the PS3 version will be one disc thanks to the larger storage capacity of the Blu-ray format.

Battlefield 3 is due on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on October 25.