Diablo 3 'Skill Calculator' lets you preview abilities

Diablo III is looking likely for a 2012 release, but if you just can't wait to spec your character, Blizzard has opened up a Skill Calculator to let you plan out your skills and check on the experience level you'll need to achieve it. This should hold you over with all the fun of playing Diablo, except without the enemies, loot, or dungeons.

The process is pretty simple. Pick a class, choose your Active skills with Runestones, and then Passive skills. The calculator will spit out an experience level, and you can share your build on Facebook or Twitter. If nothing else, it will let you have notes to refer to when you finally get your mitts on the game.

Blizzard recently revealed it plans to release both Diablo 3 and an unnamed expansion pack by 2014. Plans for a public beta still haven't been announced, but we expect to hear more about them before the end of the year.