Dustforce sweeping onto Steam later this year

Delightful dirt-destroying "acrobatic puzzle platformer" Dustforce has reappeared on the radar after an extended silence. Having released a fine prototype back in 2010, developer Hitbox Team today sent word that the full game will be released via Steam on PC and Mac in "late 2011."

If the prototype's any indication, you can expect to double-jump, wall-slide, get impaled on spikes, and beat the heck out of grime monsters with cleaning implements as you sweep through levels, tidying up all the way. You can still download the prototype demo here at Shacknews--and should, because it's lovely--but do bear in mind that's fourteen months old now.

Dustforce scooped $100,000 last year as the Grand Prize winner in publisher indiePub's third Independent Game Developers' Competition.

To celebrate coming out of hiding, Hitbox has released a pair of new screenshots and the introduction video, below. Keep an eye on the official Dustforce site for more.

BOOM video 10442