PlanetSide 2 will be free to play

PlanetSide 2 will be free to play, SOE's John Smedley confirmed. This shouldn't be too surprising, given Sony Online Entertainment's admission that PlanetSide 2 was originally planned as a free-to-play update to the original game, before turning into a "full-fledged sequel."

"The game will be F2P. What form will it be? We're still working that out," Smedley said.

The outspoken CEO went to PlanetSide forums (via Gamasutra) to clarify details on a loosely translated interview that originated from a Chinese gaming website. While confirming the game will be F2P, he also added a clue: "we like League of Legends a lot." So, will PlanetSide 2 offer a rotating selection of weapons in some way? Tribes: Ascend is also experimenting with the LoL-inspired F2P model.

So when will fans be ready to play the game? "When it's ready and we are proud of it," Smedley said. "I did in fact say we are aiming for late this year or early next year. No further comment about that."