Be a wartime journalist in WARCO: The News Game

Australia-based developers Defiant, ManiatyMedia and Arenamedia are hard at work on a very interesting-looking title called WARCO: The News Game, which looks to redefine the "shooter" part of FPS titles. The game puts players in the shoes of a wartime journalist named Jesse DeMarco, who is armed only with "a flak jacket, a video camera," and a "burning desire" to report on current, worldwide-inspired conflicts.


Funded by Screen Australia and Screen New South Wales, WARCO's scenarios are based on real-world conflicts currently taking place in the Middle East and Africa. Each scenario promises to include "multiple objectives and story leads" for the player to pursue. As any good war correspondent, DeMarco will need to focus on framing and capturing the action while keeping herself safe from enemy fire.

Once a given conflict is over, the player will need to assemble the footage that they've captured into a compelling TV news story. These frontline newscasts can then be shared online. Given the branching nature of each scenario and the dynamic way in which players can construct their stories, Defiant Development claims that "No two WARCO stories will ever be alike."

Defiant Development is currently seeking a publisher for the title, which it hopes to bring to PC and consoles. We'll reserve judgement on its claim that the game will also be a "powerful entry-level training tool for future combat reporters," until we've had a chance to play it ourselves, however.

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