Sengoku demo: feudal Japanese strategy

Strategy fans who like their games deep, complex and featuring samurai should try out the demo for Paradox's Sengoku, released ahead of the full game's launch tomorrow. You can download the 250MB demo here at Shacknews.

Sengoku sets you up as head of a samurai family in the Sengoku (Warring States) Period of Japanese history, leaving you to vie for position with rival clans. As well as out-manoeuvring others through economic, military and diplomatic means, as one would expect from a grand strategy game, you can also play dishonourably and send in the ninja. Western powers were also beginning to meddle with Japan, spicing things up.

The demo features 15 in-game years of single-player with only two clans, and has no saving or loading.

Developed internally at Paradox Interactive, Sengoku launches for PC tomorrow at $30.

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