Veteran-staffed Tribute Games' Wizorb headed to PC, XBLIG

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 09, 2011 6:00pm PDT

A team of veteran game developers, including former developers for Eidos and Ubisoft, have been working on an indie title called Wizorb, that's due out sometime this month for PC and Xbox Live Indie Games. Jonathan Lavigne, Justin Cyr, and Jean-Fran├žois Major have recently made their independent development relationship even more official by declaring the formation of Tribute Games.

Lavigne is the creator of Ninja Senki, and Cyr and Major have worked on titles such as the recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

"We're passionate indies aiming at making entertaining games with a focus on pixel art and classic game design (sometimes with a modern twist)," said Lavigne, noting that the studio's name comes from the developers' collective desire to pay tribute to beloved games of old.

Wizorb, the trailer for which can be seen below, looks like a creative combination of Arkanoid and old-school RPGs. It isn't priced yet, but is expected to be available before the end of September for XBLIG. A PC version will follow shortly thereafter.

(via GameSetWatch)

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