Weekend Confirmed 77 - Resistance 3, WH40K: Space Marine

By Garnett Lee, Sep 09, 2011 3:00pm PDT

Weekend Confirmed returns to the studio after a fantastic live show at PAX 2011, and just in time to dig into the first of the big releases due out this fall. "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Andrea Rene join Jeff and Garnett and the show gets right down to business with Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. From there it's on to Resistance 3, but there's more to Whatcha Been Playin? as well, including the Gunstringer, Escape Plan, and Jeff's Indie picks. The right stick attachment for the 3DS sparks the news segment this week and it gets going from there into a spirited discussion of the way Modern Warfare has grown to represent video gaming in popular culture. Finishing moves just about warp things up but it's football season so be sure to stick around for the Tailgate if you're an NFL fan.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 77: 09/09/2011

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  • Just to maybe clarify

    Mario kart
    Final fantasy 7
    God of War
    Halo 2
    Just Dance
    Wii sports
    Guitar Hero
    GTA 3

    All titles that are in that CoD level of status to the general public. So I'm pretty sure the general public has a very good idea of the diversity that gaming offers, and I'm sure I left a few games of that list. To the point that gaming isn't mainstream the hell you say, what the Wii and DS did to introduce gaming to all of the general public, and the scraps they didn't reach cell phones did. Plus let's not forget they may have only sold 190 million consoles this gen, but consoles aren't a 1 person machine often times 1 console is for 3-5 people.

    Now I do find Garnett's take on Mass Effect 3, possible to reach this massive audience laughable. Though a fine game it's much to complex to reach the masses, and it's only such a big deal to us because were so close to the beating of the drum. Mass Effect is not that big a deal. That said what Garnett did was something all us gamers do we push. We push our interest on others, we assume that everyone should like something that we find great. I've done it, you've done it, the press does it.

    Let me tell you a short story about just that subject, you know the whole "How do I get my girlfriend into games?"( apply a dopey voice to that sentence). So I dated this woman and I tried and I tried, to find that game that would make her understand, and then one day play Halo on the couch next to me of course;) Wii sports, guitar hero, Mario kart, and so on. Not once did she enjoy them, she continued to tell me it was a stupid hobby and I was wasting my time. Was I ever:)

    So anyway one day I get up, and go get something from the fridge. What do I see on her laptop she's playing some ballon popping game that resembles sega swirl. I thought to myself WTF! Did nothing went back to my game, later I saw her playing some monkey in a space shuttle game that you had to navigate around palm trees and through caves! WTF!!! She would play these games for hours, and still what did she think of my hobby of gaming it was a waste of time. Yet she would occasionally talk about her video games, not calling them video games to her they were just games:)

    My point, "everybody" plays video games or at least a 90% of America they just don't few it like us. Whether it's Dinner dash(good game), or some alchemy game my boss plays. They all game and those people that we think don't game you'd be amazed at what they are playing and where the Hell they find these titles. In short gaming is very much mainstream, it's just not the games we want them to play laugh out loud if they're really were a right game to play.

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