Weekend Confirmed 77 - Resistance 3, WH40K: Space Marine

By Garnett Lee, Sep 09, 2011 3:00pm PDT

Weekend Confirmed returns to the studio after a fantastic live show at PAX 2011, and just in time to dig into the first of the big releases due out this fall. "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Andrea Rene join Jeff and Garnett and the show gets right down to business with Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. From there it's on to Resistance 3, but there's more to Whatcha Been Playin? as well, including the Gunstringer, Escape Plan, and Jeff's Indie picks. The right stick attachment for the 3DS sparks the news segment this week and it gets going from there into a spirited discussion of the way Modern Warfare has grown to represent video gaming in popular culture. Finishing moves just about warp things up but it's football season so be sure to stick around for the Tailgate if you're an NFL fan.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 77: 09/09/2011

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  • I was so happy when I heard Jeff Cannata talk at 53:30 about how he hated the "blurry red" screen indicating low health in Resistance 3, as opposed to a bar indicator. "You HAVE an indicator, it's my HEALTH METER, and the thing that shoots red when I'm close to death!" I was literally shouting, "YES!!" and fist-pumping when he talked about it. It was a dumb UI decision with Resistance 3 using health packs, and then having a blurry red screen that won't go away until you find a health pack. The "obscured vision" thing did remind me of Metro 2033, but in that game, the vision gets blurred when you're running low on a mask respirator filter, and the player has a TIMER on how much time is left on a filter (therefore, the player is given a UI element quantitatively indicating the status of how blurry the vision gets, and not just "oh, your vision is blurry; maybe you should go use a filter".

    I'm old-fashioned; I miss the "out of 100" numeric indicator from the Doom and Quake days. I know what "18%" means, but I have a harder time with "===", and an even harder time with a generic "red screen" thing. All that the "red screen" thing tells me is "time to take cover", which turns the gaming experience into a "Simon Says" sort of experience, which I hate. I like to check on my health periodically and make a tactical assessment during lulls between combat, and not have to deal with a panic situation in the middle of a firefight. I do get accustomed to the "red screen" games after a while of playing them, but I still don't like not having a visible indicator at all times. I know that casual / novice / console players get scared of "all them numbers on the screen", but I get sad when those indicators get taken away because of focus group testing or producer direction.

    I also admittedly have a soft spot for the "your face" indicator in Doom, where the face would get even more scarred and bloody as the player's health got worse. I loved seeing that in Quake and Quake 3, though it fell out of favor eventually. With all the progress of blood decals and facial animation, I'd love to see a modern game re-implement that, even if it's just a novelty that can be turned on and off.

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