Battlefield 3's 'Operation Guillotine' teased

DICE is hyping up its Battlefield 3 single player campaign with a brand new teaser trailer today. The 50 second video shows off a brand new stage set in Tehran--"Operation Guillotine," a joint operation to "capture key members of the PLR leadership." Even without watching the video, it should be obvious that things get rather... hectic.

BOOM video 10409

In the game's official "Battleblog," lead writer and designer David Goldfarb talked about the new direction DICE wants to go for Battlefield 3's story. "We loved making Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2. They were great fun, they had their own theme, they were light-hearted," Goldfarb writes. "But with Battlefield 3, we knew we had to really divorce ourselves from those characters and those themes. We had to go somewhere else and do something different and push a different set of buttons. We're telling a war story now, and that means it needs to feel credible, it needs to feel contemporary, and it needs to connect with things and emotions that we have never really tried or had the means to properly connect to before."

The narrative of Battlefield 3 will be, as with many other contemporary military first person shooters, told in a non-linear way. The story is set up through the eyes of US Marines Staff Sgt. Henry "Black" Blackburn, who's being interrogated "about recent world-shaking events" caused by a new threat called the "PLR."

DICE promises to show off more of the single player campaign--specifically Operation Guillotine--next week.