Nintendo Wii challenged with another patent suit

It seems Nintendo's power position in the marketplace has also made it a magnet for lawsuits. The company has fielded plenty in the last few years, and now yet another suit is claiming that Nintendo violated a patent with its Wii console. This one comes from ThinkOptical's Wavit remote, and the company claims that Nintendo had knowledge of the patent due to its own filings.

TechCrunch reports that the suit involves US Patent 7,796,116, for "Electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system." ThinkOptical argues that the rejection of certain portions of Nintendo's patent means Nintendo "knew or should have known" of the infringement.

The infringement suit runs the gamut, from the Wii remote and sensor bar to the system itself and game concepts. The company warned that the Wii U infringes on patents as well, so another case could be incoming. The suit also names GameStop, Nyko, RadioShack, JC Penny, and Imation in the suit, and is seeking an injunction against the products. It has requested a jury trial.

In the last few years Nintendo has had to defend against patent lawsuits dealing with the DS, controller ports, vibration, and most recently, the 3DS screen.