God of War: Origins Collection includes directors documentary

Somehow, the God of War series has managed to maintain its critical acclaim over five games--each with a different director. While David Jaffe remains the most iconic for his work on the original God of War, his four successors have managed to expand the franchise, taking it into new directions.

The upcoming God of War: Origins Collection will include a special video bonus on the Blu-ray. Included on the disc is the "Game Directors Live" documentary, previously included as a pre-order bonus for God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

The hour-long video has David Jaffe, Cory Barlog, Ru Weerasuiya, Stig Asmussen, and Dana Jan speaking about their experience working on the franchise, and what they brought to each iteration of the series.

Also included on the disc is the Legionnaire Kratos skin and the Forest of the Forgotten combat arena.

The God of War: Origins Collection is just one of many HD collections coming in the next few months. Sony's Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection is also coming out soon, and also includes a few video documentary bonuses.