Car-building sim Automation opens pre-orders

There's certainly no shortage of racing games on the market, but there's not much out there for autophiles whose love of cars is on a purely mechanical level--not that time-wasting driving nonsense. Australian indie dev Camshaft is gunning for that neglected audience with car-designing business sim Automation, which can now be pre-ordered.

Automation plonks players in charge of a car company in 1946, designing cars from the wheels up and researching new tech to keep pace with competitors. You'll get to play with everything from the chassis type to compression ratios, though you might want to design with a market in mind or nobody will buy your Homer.

Camshaft has opened pre-orders to help hasten development. $20 gets you a copy of the full game once it's finished, plus extra content for the pre-release demo.

Here's the two-man team that makes up Camshaft to explain the game and pre-orders:

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