Dead Nation: Road of Devastation DLC announced

Dead Nation players have managed to kill over 11,700,000,000 zombies so far. "That’s more than 1.5 times the entire world’s population of today," game designer Petteri Putkonen noted. Over 3.8 million players have played the game, with the game's inclusion in the PlayStation Network "Welcome Back" package undoubtedly boosting "sales" quite significantly.

With numbers like those, it's no wonder that Housemarque has announced the first downloadable content for the game.

"Road to Devastation" takes place after the twist ending of the first Dead Nation. Spoilers follow. A mysterious organization has modified you into "the ultimate zombie-killing machine." After waking up in the laboratory (likely damaged by some apocalyptic event), you'll continue your fight against the undead.

New to "Road to Devastation" is a branching story, which takes you through three different paths, "each with their own unique environments, challenges and enemies." In addition to the weapons and enemies featured in the original game, the expansion will feature new enemy types and a new suite of weapons and equipment. Finally, in typical Dead Nation form, Housemarque is promising yet another twist ending.

No release date or price were mentioned in the announcement, but stay tuned for more.