Bastion DLC not planned

"We held nothing back," Bastion developer Supergiant Games has said, explaining that it has no plans to release downloadable content for the delightful indie action-RPG.

"No, we have no plans to extend the game in that way," creative director Greg Kasavin told The Morton Report when asked about expansions or DLC.

"It's meant to be a complete story, so there are no obvious extensions. We of course intend to continue supporting the game and I guess you could call something like the Portal turrets DLC. We'll continue looking at things like that which we could do, but that's it."

Bastion was released for Xbox Live Arcade in July as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion, then came to PC in August. Point your peepers at our review to see what our Jeff thought.

As for what Supergiant is doing next, don't expect to hear anything soon. Kasavin explained, "Well, we're probably going to go dark here in the sense that our game is out there and whatever we do next probably isn't going to happen for a while."