Weekend Confirmed 76 - PAX 2011 live show

By Garnett Lee, Sep 02, 2011 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed took the stage in the Unicorn Theater for this special PAX 2011 show. Recorded in front of an awesome crowd, a whole host of distinguished guests joined Xav, Jeff, and Garnett including Andrew Pfister, John Davison, Shane Bettenhausen, Billy Berghammer, Jeff Green, and Luke Smith. They shared their takes on some of the best games around the show including favorites from the PAX 10 indies in a custom Whatcha Been Playin, at PAX, and then answered some questions from the audience for a live version of the Warning.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 76: 09/02/2011

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  • A few questions, maybe for the warning, maybe just to get some insight:
    1) We are a few months out now from the PS3 outage. What do you think has changed, if anything?

    For me, it has meant very little. I went and changed all my passwords to be on the safe side, but I haven't heard of any big fall-out or complaints about it.

    2) Do you think that EA's Origin may be the first of many? If EA can pull it off (in that Origin is the one stop shop for EA title's online) will other's take their content off Steam? Yes right now Steam has the most users, but EA would be quite happy knowing they don't have to give Valve a slice of every battlefield, SW:TOR, etc. Blizzard already do it. Will Activision, Ubisoft or other big names become independant IF Origin is a success.

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    • As someone who has gotten hacked and had it directly linked to the Sony outage, I would say that it has dampened my view of Sony in terms of their security. It has not, on the other hand, dampened my thoughts on them creatively. Does that make sense?

      I guess I should give the whole run-down since I am going to talk about this. I had given my friend, Pete Davison, or Gamepro ( Yes, John Davison's brother) the heads up on what happened to me. He hasn't done much with it, so I guess I will talk about it. In fact, I will just post the letter I send him verbatim.

      Here it is (in the lines).

      So, it started with three letters from iTunes which appeared in my inbox at about 5 in the morning this morning. One said that my credit card info had changed. The other two were about two separate free games purchased using my account. One was called Escape 3D: The Pyramid, the other was called Funmily Poker. I checked my iTunes account and it said that it had been put on hold for fraudulent behavior. I changed my password and checked my purchase history and the free games had been used to make three transactions with my iTunes account in the amounts of 18.99, 8.99, and 1.99. I reported it to iTunes.

      Later today I called AllClear to report the fraudulent activity and was told a couple of interesting things. My call was handed over to a fraud investigator who told me that the Sony-related hacking was resulting in mostly transactions like mine through iTunes, or something similar through Amazon. She told me that they were tracking the instances for Sony in order to capture the perpetrators, but that there was little they could do for me other than send me an email on getting an annual credit report with alerts through a company like Equifax. She told me to report it to iTunes and the police, and to make sure I changed all my passwords. Duh!

      Anyway, I thought this might be useful information for a potential story, and I wanted to pass it along to you. If I can help get any more or do anything to help you confirm my story, please let me know. I hope this is helpful! It seems to me like the free AllClear given to Sony hacking victims is a lot more about getting AllClear to help Sony catch the hackers than it is to help victims of hacking. I don't know exactly how to prove it for you, but I could try to call back and record the investigator talking about what they have been doing for you. Just let me know what I can do! At the very least, you might get a small story out of it.

      Frank Anderson

      It could be that there IS no story there. I don't know. Pete hasn't contacted me again about it, and I think he would if I was given bad info OR had been told right.

      All I know is that I directly feel like Sony's lack of security led to me getting hacked and, therefore, feeling less secure about the internet as a whole. That said, I blame mainly the hackers involved. I think this could have happened to anyone.

      I am NOT happy that the AllClear "protection" seems to really only protect Sony, but I got my money back and (as far as I know now) have not had my full identity stolen. Still, Sony could have done more to protect me and should have done (and be doing) more to protect and satisfy those that have been effected.

      Through it all, I still like Sony and will buy their games.