Weekend Confirmed 76 - PAX 2011 live show

By Garnett Lee, Sep 02, 2011 11:00am PDT

Weekend Confirmed took the stage in the Unicorn Theater for this special PAX 2011 show. Recorded in front of an awesome crowd, a whole host of distinguished guests joined Xav, Jeff, and Garnett including Andrew Pfister, John Davison, Shane Bettenhausen, Billy Berghammer, Jeff Green, and Luke Smith. They shared their takes on some of the best games around the show including favorites from the PAX 10 indies in a custom Whatcha Been Playin, at PAX, and then answered some questions from the audience for a live version of the Warning.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 76: 09/02/2011

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  • Was thinking about what Jeff and Garnett were talking about when it came to the Deus Ex Human Revolution boss battles.

    I strongly agree with the notion that boss battles are not a necessary element of game design. They should not be included in all games, just because.

    However, there are certain narratives and story-lines that I feel would be incredibly difficult to tell in satisfying fashion without some kind of direct conflict between the protagonist and antagonists. Deus Ex is such a game. The bosses in this game ...spoiler I guess... are the people directly responsible for crippling the main character and killing somebody he cared about.

    This isn't a case like Bioshock or Mass Effect 2, where your dealings with the threat are generally indirect over the radio or through proxy minions. In such cases, the sudden appearance of a 'big bad' to finish the game feels forced and out-of-place. But when a story STARTS personal, then it should be personal throughout, and that means memorable encounters with your central antagonists.

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    • That said, I DO agree that the bosses should have more ways to deal with them than direct assault.

      I personally didn't have any problems with any of them, I simply used cover, the assault rifle, and typhoon when they got close. But that's only one gameplay style in the game, after all.

      Here are some ideas for alternate ways they could have been handled:

      Social battle: Intimidate or manipulate the enemies. Convince them to run, and never show their face again or they'll be sorry. Or start turning them against each other. Plant seeds of discontent, and have the first boss show up to help you take out the second or third, etc.

      Hacking: These guys are essentially cyborgs, so why not give players a tool or simply the natural ability to hack directly into their neural-hubs? Stun them with an EMP, use stealth to sneak up behind them, and then press a button (like the takedown...) and enter the hacking game... do it three times through the battle for a win, but each hack gets progressively harder.

      Or maybe, a standard difficulty hack to kill them, and a more difficult hack to turn them into allies.

      Stealth: Self-explanatory. Use cover or camo to sneak around, and use the take-down maneuver. Since they're tough hombres, you'd need to do it three times.