Corpse Party coming to PSP this fall

When you hear the phrase "Corpse Party," you probably think of zombies kicking back with some beers, or maybe Andrew Yoon's plans for Saturday night. You probably don't think of a grisly cult-hit Japanese PSP game, but that's exactly what it is. Now XSEED has announced that it's bringing the game to North America this fall as a downloadable PSN title.

Corpse Party is an adventure game with hand-drawn 2D sprite art, that tells the story of high school students trapped in a haunted elementary school. The school houses the souls of children who have vanished over the years. In case you were wondering: yes, a school full of dead kids warrants an M rating.

The game was initially developed by Team GrisGris and adapted by 5pb. The announcement promises that your actions will impact the story, with "one true path" to salvation. The other paths are not pretty.

"This is a game we believe will instantly captivate fans of action, suspense and horror and leave a one of a kind impact," said XSEED president Jun Iwasaki. "Through its unique visual style, unpredictable storytelling and impressive audio cues, Corpse Party will test players' mental strength and mesmerize them through its well-crafted mystery and intricate character-driven narrative, all while delivering a truly frightening experience that's sure to keep everyone on the edges of their seats."

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