Street Fighter 3: Third Strike DLC announced

A slate of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition downloadable content has been announced by Capcom. The downloadable revamped fighter will receive costume packs, music packs, and commentated replays from a Capcom tournament with top SF3 players.

The first release will be a $3 Colour Pack next week, adding seven new color variations for each and every character. However, online opponents won't see these unless they have the pack too, and these colors won't be reflected in replays.

Following that, there will be a set of Music Packs, adding all the character themes from Street Fighter III: New Generation and Street Fighter III: Second Impact. This is expected "in the next month or so," as is the last piece of DLC announced yesterday.

For fans of high-level play, Capcom's releasing Match Packs with commentated replays from Capcom's "semi-secret" tournament Fight For the Future 2011. 16 top SF3 players from around the world duked it out, as you'll be able to see in one pack covering the entire Top 8, and another with the best bouts from the whole shebang.

Sorry, fight fans, there's no firm price nor release date for the Music Packs and Match Packs yet.