In Ikimono Zukuri: Crea-toy hitting 3DS eShop on September 7

Nintendo has announced a new game for the 3DS called In Ikimono Zukuri: Crea-toy. It's a creature-creator game of sorts, in which players will be able to assemble their own colorful creatures (called "Kunyape") by "combining over 500 parts, applying color, and adding pre-made accessories." Creatures can then be traded with other players who can interact with them or use them as templates for their own creations.


According to gaming site Andriasang, folks will be able to take pictures of their Kunyape, use them to play mini-games, go on "Walking Quests," and even "make your Kunyape appear in front of you through AR cards." Spot-Pass and QR codes are used to share Kunyape with other players.

Some short gameplay trailers can be found on the game's official product pages, along with some more information (if you can read Japanese).

In Ikimono Zukuri: Crea-toy hits the Japanese e-Shop on September 7 for 700 yen (about $9). A North American release has not been announced.