Report: Fatal Frame spin-off coming to 3DS

A spin-off of ghost-busting survival horror photography series Fatal Frame is in the works for Nintendo 3DS, named Shinrei Shashin (Spirit Photo), according to details reportedly oozing from the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu. As you can probably guess, it'll be using the handheld's camera for augmented reality shenanigans.

Translating a summary of details from the new Famitsu, Andriasang reports that Spirit Photo revolves around a mysterious cursed Purple Diary. An 'AR Notebook' item will represent the diary in our world to interact with the game's ghosts and ghoulies, which is probably a card like those used in Nintendo's own AR games.

Augmented reality fits well with the Fatal Frame series, as characters use a Camera Obscura in the games to snap and vanquish spirits of the dead. And now you'll be able to use it to see ghosts in your own domicile. Sweet dreams.

However, Spirit Photo has not been confirmed for a Western release yet, and we're behind on the series. There are still no plans to release 2008's Fatal Frame IV outside Japan, and nor is there any word on whether the new yet-untitled instalment for Wii (which appears to be a remake of Fatal Frame 2) will come Westward.

[Story image from Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.]