Twister Mania spinning onto Kinect

We all can imagine having fond memories of drunken Twister, but the trouble is one needs plenty of clear space to play. Kinect-powered Twister Mania, announced today by publisher Majesco, has the same problem as the original, but at least it has flashy new modes.

The video game adaptation of Hasbro's classic dog-pile game will support up to eight players, though you're standing so don't expect to be caught up in a twisting, writhing chimera. Which is most of the fun in Twister, surely. (Not to mention the source of a thousand awkward, unexpected and terrifying teenage sexual awakenings.)

Looking at the first screenshots, it disappointingly seems to be another 'strike a pose' game. Still, there will be three modes with 16 variants and "over 1,800 shapes to play," so you can expect plenty of contortion. And besides, the original game's not going anywhere now, is it?

Twister Mania is headed to Xbox 360 on November 1, priced as a full retail game--$50. (The real-life game, for comparison purposes, costs about $20.)