Tetris Axis coming to 3DS on October 2

Developer Hudson Soft has announced that it's bringing a revamped version of Tetris to the Nintendo 3DS in early October. As one would expect from a 3DS title, Tetris Axis will utilize the handheld's stereoscopic 3D visuals across twenty different game modes. Among the expected classic and traditional game modes, the game will also feature local and wi-fi co-op modes, support for eight player multiplayer off one cartridge via Download Play, SpotPass content, and even a couple of game modes that are based on Augmented Reality.


Though few specific details about each mode are available, the official product page does provide the list of the game's twenty different Tetris permutations, which are as follows:

  • Featured Game Modes: Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever, and Survival

  • Party Game Modes: Stage Racer Plus, Shadow Wide, Jigsaw, Tower Climber, Capture, Fit, Bombliss™, Sprint, and Master Mode

  • Augmented Reality Game Modes: AR Marathon and AR Tower Climber

  • Local Multiplayer Game Modes (2P–8P): VS Battle, VS Stage Racer, VS Shadow Wide, VS Capture, and Co‐op Tower Climber

  • Download Play Game Modes (2P–8P): Marathon with Everyone, Fever with Everyone, and VS Battle

  • Nintendo® Wi‐Fi Connection Game Modes (2P–6P): 3 variants of World Battle

Tetris Axis will be available at retail for the Nintendo 3DS on October 2.