Harmonix's VidRhythm is music video mixing app for iOS

Harmonix's next project isn't quite a game. The famed developer of Rock Band is making its first original foray into iOS with an original title called VidRhythm.

The app is exactly that--an application. While meant to be fun, the app allows users to choose a song, a music video style, and record short video clips that can be remixed into something rather unique.

IGN managed to snag a video of its own:

A key aspect of VidRhythm's appeal will be its social hooks. You'll be able to quickly and easily export your creations to YouTube or Facebook from within the app. In addition, you can export the clip directly to your iPod or iPhone as a .mov file.

VidRhythm will ship with 25 tracks when the game debuts on the App Store this September. According to Harmonix, the app will work with iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch (4th generation).