Brink pre-order bonuses now sold as DLC

The packs of Brink weapons, gear and clobber offered as retailer-exclusive bonuses can now be bought in $2 downloadable content double-packs. If you want to dress as a Doom marine, Fallout fanatic, spec ops soldier, or mentalist, here's your chance. The Doom/Psycho pack (Steam; XBLM) includes Doom-inspired shirts hats, tats and gats, along with a hefty new revolver, snazzy silencer, and freaky mask resembling Batman villain The Scarecrow. The Fallout/SpecOps double-pack (Steam; XBLM), meanwhile, offers military chic gear and tats plus a selection of Fallout 3-themed weapon skins, ink, shirts and headwear. All the items are purely cosmetic, with the weapons and gear having the same stats as existing items, but don't we all enjoy playing dress-up in Brink?

The Doom pack