Legend of Grimrock coming from Remedy and Futuremark vets

Former members of Alan Wake developer Remedy and Shattered Horizon maker Futuremark at indie studio Almost Human have released the debut gameplay trailer for their first-person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock. The genre's staged something of a comeback in recent years, but it's rarely looked as pretty as here.

Legend of Grimrock imprisons your party of four (a fighter, rogue, punchy fighter, and mage, naturally) in the dungeons of Mount Grimrock, and, of course, the only way out is through. Along the way, you'll be solving puzzles, grabbing loot, uncovering secret areas, and, as ever, killing horrid monstrosities. And yes, that is grid-based movement you see.

"It will be influenced by oldschool games of the genre but it won't be a game that would have been possible to make fifteen years ago," Almost Human explained in July. "It will look great, have loads of atmosphere, sound good and play well. We won't be making many promises during the development since things will often change down the line, but those aforementioned parameters I can pretty much guarantee."

Legend of Grimrock is in development for PC, Mac, and iOS devices, aiming for release by the end of the year. Check out the Legend of Grimrock website and FAQ for more.

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