Kirby's Return to Dreamland scheduled for October 24

Zelda isn't the only big game coming to the Wii this holiday season. Nintendo of America has announced that Kirby's Return to Dream Land (formerly known as "Kirby Wii") will be releasing on October 24th--just a little over one month after the September 19th launch of Kirby Mass Attack for Nintendo DS.

To celebrate, the company is holding a variety of Kirby-themed activities at Penny Arcade Expo this week. "Visitors can inhale Kirby pink cotton candy, relax on Kirby beanbag chairs or pick up some fun Kirby items to wear on the show floor while supplies last."

Not unlike Kirby's Epic Yarn, Return to Dream Land features co-op play. However, our E3 preview notes that "the supporting cast isn't as compelling to play."

Check out the trailer from E3:

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